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This is Sanjoy.
Here I am trying to build a personal website of my own. By which I can get help from my friends. Freeservers solved that   problem of mine. 
You can know details about me if you visit the next pages of this website.It will be great pleasure to me if you visit my website and place your valuable commands.

This is my first step to expand myself.

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You will get a bit pleasure in my photo page.If you want to know me please go to about page.

Here is a list of the pictures update :-

My Country's Picture Date   :-25/01/2004
My City's Picture Date         :-29/02/2004
Some Flower's Picture Date :-29/02/2004
My own Picture Date           :-13/06/2004

I Am not so fine to look at. After that I want to show me all of my friends . Thats why I keep my photo in my web. 

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